Committed to Feeding the Hungry of Northeast Florida

Trinity Rescue Mission is excited to announce the launching of an Organic Farming Program on our 56-acre Freedom Farm in St. Johns County.  Trinity Rescue Mission is committed to feeding the hungry of Northeast Florida. 

As part of this Organic Farming Program, we will be growing chemical-free, local produce, dense in nutrients.  While organic produce is typically sold at a premium at super markets, it is our plan to be able to supply all of the major shelters, missions and food service providers in Northeast Florida with all of their produce needs at no cost to them.  The organic program has been given a strong start by the donation of a $100,000 grant from the Sontag Foundation, and the materials for the shade houses have been donated by Reynolds Park Aluminum. 

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The Plan

Trinity Rescue Mission has been recognized as a certified member of the Organic Trade Association. Organic farming has already begun with the construction of a green house and an 8,000 sq. ft. organic shade house. 40 growing boxes are in place to receive the first crop of organic produce. As the organic farm expands to the complete 261,360 sq. ft., Trinity Rescue Mission will provide not only produce for its Men's Center and Women and Children's Center in downtown Jacksonville, but also will be able to supply the produce needs for many of Northeast Florida's area missions and food service providers at no cost to them.

The Model

Trinity Rescue Mission envisions for other organizations around the country to embrace this innovative food production and distribution method in a major metro market. By growing the produce locally, the accessibility to fresh produce, by those who need it and the organizations that distribute it, is tremendous. It also is providing valuable job skill training for those men who are in Trinity's Freedom Farm program. When they leave, not only will they have experienced personal renewal, but also will have had the opportunity to learn about the organic farming industry.

The Support

The Trinity Rescue Mission was graciously selected as the recipient of an $100,000 grant from the Sontag Foundation, and materials were donated by Reynolds Park Aluminum specifically to initiate the organic farming plan. While these contributions are enabling Trinity to realize the organic farming vision, corporate and community support will be welcomed for the long-term viability of this program.

You Can Have A Part

We are excited about this opportunity and invite you to partner with us.  While we have received funds to help begin this project, there are a variety of needs that must still be met.  There will be labor needs, as well as supply needs such as farming machinery.  Below are some links that will help you to partner with us as we work to help the homeless and hungry in Northeast Florida.

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