For Men

The second step on the road to recovery is the Lifeline Program. This program is a 90 day residential discipleship program available free of charge to all of our mission guests. This program is designed to break the pattern of homelessness and addiction while instilling hope - the hope that living as a Godly, productive member of society is a realistic and obtainable goal.

All of our discipleship programs are very structured and it takes hard work and commitment to successfully complete them. After completing the Lifeline Program, men may either enroll in the Freedom Farm Program, or choose to enter the Case Management Program.

For more information on entering the Lifeline Program click here.

For Women

This is a 90 day residential program designed to break debilitating cycles that lead to defeated lives and homelessness. Primarily functions as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation but is also useful to anyone who needs to re-establish life for any reason.

This program is only available to women who are unaccompanied. Clients are expected to remain on-site for the entire 65 days to participate in various activities including: discipleship lessons, Bible studies, video education, daily devotions, daily meetings, memory verse work, reading requirements, weekly counseling sessions, and a daily chore schedule. Graduates of the Lifeline program are eligible to enroll in the Case Management Program.