It is a frightening thing to see a woman living on the streets alone or with children. It is no longer just those who have “dropped out” of society or those with drug problems that find themselves without a home. Domestic violence accounts for many of the women without shelter today. Often, living on minimum wage while supporting children does not leave sufficient funds to maintain housing. Perhaps a lack of proper education has hindered a woman from finding decent employment.

We cannot sit by while her children cry in the dark. The future of our community depends upon what we are willing to invest in improving the lives of others, especially our next generation.

The new Women and Children's Center is now available to homeless women and children. Each day the Center provides hot meals, clean clothing, and safe lodging. During the first days of a woman’s stay, the staff and trained volunteers will focus on the services required to stabilize her immediate circumstances.

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Program Descriptions

  • Lifeline - 90 day residential program designed to break debilitating cycles that lead to defeated lives and homelessness. Primarily functions as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation but is also useful to anyone who needs to re-establish life for any reason.

  • Shelter Services (Women Only) - 60 day program designed to stabilize the family unit, make a detailed assessment of their current life situation, and encourage clients to obtain childcare, employment and housing.