Our Programs

With your help, we provide a road to recovery for the homeless people in Jacksonville. The steps taken in providing the road to recovery are:

Our Men's Programs

Men's Overnight Shelter and Meals- The first step of the road to recovery is our Guest Services Program. Food, Shelter, Spiritual Care and Referrals are some of the services that we can provide. The goal of this program is to share the love of Christ through our works and words. 

Lifeline Program - The second step on the road to recovery is our Lifeline Program. This is a 60 day residential program which is offered free of charge for those interested. Upon completion of the Lifeline program, our other programs are made available. The goal is to break the cycle of addiction and homelessness. If a person chooses not to continue on the road to recovery, their success rate is minimal. 

Freedom Farm - The third step on the road to recovery is our Freedom Farm Program. This program is a 6 - 9 month intensive residential discipleship program. The goal of this program is to train and empower men to live in victory. The success rate upon completion of this program is 70%. 

Transitional Housing - The fourth step on the road to recovery is our Transitional Housing Program. This provides a Freedom Farm graduate time to transition from supervised living to independent living with intensive support services. Our goal is to promote individuals to become Godly, productive members of our community. The current success rate is 90%.

When a person completes all of our programs and enters into transitional housing, they are well on their way to a life free from the dangerous situation of homelessness and addiction, to the victorious life that can be found through Jesus Christ.

Our Women's Programs

Lifeline- a 65 day residential program designed to break debilitating cycles that lead to defeated lives and homelessness. Primarily functions as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation but is also useful to anyone who needs to re-establish life for any reason.
Lifeline is offered free of charge. Shelter Services for women is free for 30 days, after which there is a $50.00 per/week program support fee required for continued program eligibility. 

Shelter Services - a 60 day program designed to stabilize the family unit, make a detailed assessment of their current life situation, and encourage clients to obtain childcare, employment and housing. 

Transitional Housing - We currently have 4 beds on-site that serve as our transitional housing. Clients are free to choose their own schedule but have an 11:00 pm curfew on the weekdays and 12:00 am curfew on the weekends. To be eligible for Transitional Housing, clients must be working and must have completed the Case Management Program.

Click here to review the entry process for the Women and Children's Center.

Our Collaborative Agencies

Local Service Providers- Click here to be linked to the list of local area providers.