Meeting the physical, material and spiritual needs of the homeless, hungry
and hopeless with the love and compassion of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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About Trinity Rescue Mission

Trinity Rescue Mission provides emergency services and long-term recovery programs to the hungry, homeless and hurting in the greater Jacksonville area. We are dedicated to loving, serving and helping those in need through the grace of Jesus Christ.

God's calling to us is to dream big as the gap widens between basic human needs and public resources. We strive to be a valuable community partner dedicated to helping transform lives and ending hunger and homelessness in Jacksonville and beyond in the name of Jesus Christ.

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Trinity Rescue Mission Programs

Emergency Services

For the hundreds of hungry, homeless and hurting in Jacksonville, help starts with a simple meal and a warm bed in our Emergency Services Program - Food and Shelter. Meeting these most basic human needs is often the first step to helping them get back on their feet.

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Lifeline Programs

Our Christ-centered Lifeline Programs for men and women awaken hope in the hearts of people overcome with poverty and homelessness-- providing life-changing resources and solutions to help our guests secure employment, housing and restoration in the community.

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Freedom Farm

Trinity Rescue Mission's Freedom Farm is a one-of-a-kind place-- a real, working farm located in St. Johns County. In the peaceful and secure environment of Freedom Farm, men come face-to-face with the root causes of their addiction and leave equipped to live life in a whole new way.

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Transitional Housing

Our Transitional Housing Program gives men a safe, low-cost place to live for up to 2 years. Men work full time jobs and some work on collegiate studies. Our Transition House Manager helps to keep them accountable and on track in personal and spiritual growth and recovery.

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Vincent's Story

The stories of life change and restoration at Trinity Rescue Mission are made possible by people like you who believe it's time to bring hope to the darkest places in Jacksonville. Every person who comes through our door has a story. You can learn more about the people we serve by clicking the button below.

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